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Bookkeeping is a vital, behind the scenes, back office activity that few business owners have training with.  When I ran my first business I didn’t really even know how to balance my checkbook let alone reconciling a company check register.  Let someone with experience and training do it.

Why do you need a bookkeeper?


My Bookkeeper Rocks PDX  

At My Bookkeeper Rocks in PDX the services of Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Business Consulting have been saving our customers time and money for 30 years. Serving customers all over the US gives us a perspective rarely found in a small firm. Specializing in the area of Bookkeeping, Making YOU Money and Promoting YOUR Business. Our staff offers quality and reliable service you can count on. Feel free to call 503-705-1521 to answer any questions you may have about our company.

Whether you need Accounting Services, Bookkeeping, QuickBooks Help, Answers to Tax questions, SEO, Social Media and/or Promotional help, we have what you need at prices you can afford.

Our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.

Browse our Web site for more information about Bookkeeper PDX. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Bookkeper PDX representative please e-mail us at call or text us at 503-705-1521.

A good looking Balance Sheet requires diligent, accurate bookkeeping.  A Good looking Balance Sheet makes your company look good.

Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet

Owing back taxes eats away at your financial confidence and your peace of mind.  If you can't pay them all at once to reduce penalties and interest, there are ways to get a handle on back taxes and get your life back.

Back Taxes
Back Taxes

Offers in Compromise or OIC’s are possible.  I can help you to determine if you can qualify and get you your OIC as quickly as possible.

Offers In Compromise
OIC offer in compromise. Pay less than you owe in one payment or multiple payments.

Pro Advisor Advantage

Working with a Quick Books Pro Advisor affords the opportunity to avail yourself of years of experience and a professional team of Quickbooks experts that will setup and teach for accounting and bookkeeping for any business.


Quickbooks is the pre-eminant accounting software in America for small to medium sized businesses.  Bookkeeper PDX is using Quickbooks to run multimillion dollar, multi-location corporations as well many one man shops throughout the PDX Metro Area.

My Bookkeeper Rocks can help with any and all State taxes.  Even if you owe back taxes to any state in the Union.

State Taxes
State taxes are nothing to fall behind on I can help

Your Profit and Loss or P&L Report shows how money comes in to your company and where it goes.  If your accounting and bookkeeping are done correctly the sheet looks good and is easy to read.

Profit and Loss or P&L

Reconciling your bank accounts is a way of seeing if what you have in your bookkeeping program matches what the bank is showing on their statements.

Reconcile your Accounts

Getting information to your accountant at the end of the year is one of the biggest concerns for business owners and it shouldn’t be.

End of year data for Accountant

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The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers is a member organization dedicated to training and informing Americas bookkeepers of the latest  information data, laws and methods employed in the Bookkeeping profession.

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Federal Tax Lien Releases can be achieved in several ways.  Lien release are determined by the cause of the lien.  Call me to get your Lien Released.

IRS Lien Release.  Yes you can make them go away!Read MoreRead MoreRead More

Whenever I run across a Quickbooks tip or trick that I think is usefull I put it on this page check it out.....

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